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 When it comes to business books, they have a preset pattern. Most of the books tread into a textbook pattern. While they help enable the readers to learn, they lack the finesse to provide the potential to pragmatically empower the readers. Digital First by Vamshi Guntha and Shahrul Ladue stands out in the fact that the authors have made sure to incorporate a real-life scenario while narrating the possible solutions for digitizing a pre-existing business.

Digital First – The struggles

The book addresses the common struggles faced by the person who heads the digitization process. An inflexible boss, misinformed colleagues, lack of intent to try anything new. The book shares everything through the story of Neo who has been removed from his own company. This is not a rarity as the era of start-ups has seen many cases where in the founders, the brain behind the start-up is mercilessly removed from the organization. However, the authors have provided a fix from which the person could still be benefited. This is an eye-opener – one of the many to come.

Mission, Vision, and Purpose.

We all might have learned in our management classes why we should have a Vision of the firm and a mission to attain the vision. But the purpose of the company is something that the authors bring forth to the readers. The book lays bare the baselessness of keeping revenue above customer satisfaction. 

Without any huge Jargons, the book tells us how we could have a multilinear purpose that aligns various sections of the firm

The book further provides pragmatic solutions in tackling the obstacles for proceeding with any plan and also how to handle the human resources of the company.

Overall the book is a profitable read as it is worth the money spent on it as well as helps us derive profit for our organization too 

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