Five Reasons Why You Must Read 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma

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 What time do you wake up? Does your wake-up time determine your performance? If I was asked these questions a year or two ago, my answer would have been No. But once I embarked on the wellness journey I realized how important it is to wake up early. In an attempt to do it right, I decided to know more about this and grabbed a copy of 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma. Leaving me speech bound, the 5 AM club seeped into my life silently and left an undeniable mark on my life.

5AM Club by Robin Sharma

 Five Reasons Why You Must Read 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma

If you ask me for a 5AM club summary I would say it talks about everything that is needed for a successful life in one simple change. The sheer fact that the book transforms your life in ways unimaginable is not an exaggeration. Here are the reasons why you must read 5AM Club.

1. It tells you why you must transform your life

Quite often self-help books direct us about the steps to take in order to transform our lives. Seldom do they take the onus of explaining why someone should transform their life. Through the experience of a business tycoon the author slowly brings the readers close to the topic and instills the feeling of ‘I should transform myself’ inside the reader. Thus the author sets the purpose before the readers get deep into the book.

2. 20:20:20

The 20:20:20 technique proposed by the author is the most practical method of the journey toward wellness. He proposes 20 min exercise, 20 min meditation, and 20 minutes of reading/journaling/work. Starting a day with meditation and exercise will ensure that the rest of the day is taken care of in terms of your mental and physical health. This followed by reading or creative work will create magic in your lives. Early morning is believed to be the most productive time of the day. 

3. Ensures ‘Me-time’

The importance of having ‘me time’ has been gaining acceptance of late. By waking up before the family, provided the family wakes up late, you can ensure time for yourself so that no one else can steal from you. This is a prime factor in ensuring that your mental health is taken care of.

4. Better mental health

This is an extension of your me-time. Journaling, meditation, and exercise are three aspects of wellness that must be practiced by everyone no matter what the routine is. 5AM by Robin Sharma is guaranteed the best choice for your personal transformation. 

5. A new you

The author did not simply put forth preset rules for transforming yourself. The book takes you slowly through the why, how, and what of personal transformation by simply waking up early and how! Once your mental and physical health is in place, you in turn increase productivity and would have more time in hand. Your routine improves as you will feel sleep earlier as you are waking up early. This in turn ensures that there is no screentime at the night. 
Start your journey of transformation with the help of the 5AM club by Robin Sharma. Next time someone asks you 5 AM club summary tell them what you achieved with the book.
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