Song in the Forest by Ruskin Bond

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Ruskin Bond is a man who has mastered the art of writing. The King of short stories, tells us through his books how easily and effortlessly an author can hook the readers to the book. With so many years of experience traveling in different corners of the country, the author has a plethora of stories to share. Song in the forest is one such craft through which the author claims an unquestionable position. 

Song in the Forest by Ruskin Bond 

In a carefully crafted foreword, the publisher is telling about the art of writing short stories. That the first line is what makes the readers hooked to the book and the second one falls in place effortlessly once after the other when the lines juxtaposed that taking birth
While reading the book we realize how on point the forward has assessed the craft of the writer.
The book is written in the classic Ruskin Bond template which we all are fans of. The book left me wondering how many experiences a single human being has had and how imaginative one person can be.

The innocence of writing 

The innocence of Ruskin Bond’s writing is what attracts the readers. The magnetic pull of the words has expressed the power this time as well through Song of the forest 

My story 

One of the stories are too connected to my personal life.  Being a pranic healer I was pleasantly surprised to read the story of the healer. Another story of a sort of serial killer. This is a reality that we have been reading about in newspapers. From horror to humor. Ruskin bond has set free the birds of imagination..


Ruskin Bond is a master of the short story. This pitch-perfect collection brings together the very best tales he has written in the twenty-first century. The book starts with the title story, ‘Song of the Forest’, which has never been published before, and includes extraordinary pieces of fiction like ‘A Man Called Brain’, ‘Rhododendrons in the Mist’, and ‘Miracle at Happy Bazaar’. Dazzling, comic, and gripping, Song of the Forest is the latest masterpiece from India’s most beloved writer.

About the author

Ruskin Bond is the author of several bestselling novels and collections of short stories, essays, and poems. These include: The Room on the Roof (winner of the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize); A Flight of Pigeons; The Night Train at Deoli; Time Stops at Shamli; Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra (winner of the Sahitya Akademi Award); Angry River; The Blue Umbrella; Delhi Is Not Far; Rain in the Mountains; Tigers for Dinner; Tales of Fosterganj; A Gathering of Friends; Upon an Old Wall Dreaming; Small Towns, Big Stories; Unhurried Tales; A Gallery of Rascals; Rhododendrons in the Mist; Miracle at Happy Bazaar (winner of the Kalinga Literary Festival Children’s Book of the Year, 2021); It’s a Wonderful Life; and The Shadow on the Wall. Ruskin Bond was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 1999, a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Delhi government in 2012, and the Padma Bhushan in 2014. He was selected for the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Fellowship in 2021.

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