An Imperishable Promise by Sarathi Sabyasachi Sahoo – Book Review

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 A relationship is like a crystal bowl. The more careful you are the longer it lasts. My father taught me this when I was getting married. After years, I saw a father like that through the book imperishable promise by Sarathi Sabyasachi Sahoo. 

Imperishable Promise by Sarathi Sabyasachi Sahoo

A couple heading for a divorce approaches the guy’s father and announces their decision. The readers expect the father to create a ruckus but on the contrary, he narrates a love story. The story of Raj and Kashish. Is it love at first sight? No. Is it a conventional love story? Yes. But is it a puppy romance? No
The author has beautifully depicted the beauty and depth of the relationship between Raj and Kashish. A casanova of sorts falling for a girl might come across as a cliche but the author has made sure not to overdo the act.
The back story begins with Deepak falling head over heels in love with a girl who passes by. Deepak is a goody-two-shoes kind of person when it comes to women wherein Raj, Deepak’s best friend is a playboy. Raj volunteers the task of making the girl fall for Deepak. Will she fall for Deepak? Who is she? How will Raj’s relationship with her develop? What happens further? 

The plot

The basic plot is rich. It has a lot of possibilities to develop into a classic love story. The way the relationship develops is slow and steady and at a believable pace. Also, the author has developed the romance at a platonic level contrary to the protagonist’s character. The blurb reveals way too much of the plot, which could have been avoided. Because by the time Raj starts chatting we know that yes this is going to happen. That surprise element could have been kept had the name of the girl not been revealed in the beginning. But as and when the plot proceeds, the unexpected happens and I loved how the author has brought a different perspective to the whole plot.

The narration

The author’s style of narration is vernacular, seemingly targeting beginners and YA lovers. The story is a simple sweet and cute story of Raj and Kashish but in simple language, the author has knitted a beautiful tale of romance, unlike the overdoing by so-called best sellers.

The characters

The characters are relatable. The characteristics could have been developed on a larger canvas. But nonetheless, the author is successful in connecting them with the readers. The author has given different shades to all characters. Kashish could also have been given the shades in varying degrees but that doesn’t affect the development of the overall plot.
Overall the book is an easy breezy read but it could have been a tad bit tight-packed with one round of sound developmental edit. But if you are looking for a simple read that is fast and easily comprehensible this is the one for you. 
The tribute to Sidharth Shukla made me emotional and the tragedy in the end forces the readers to connect with the ‘Adhuri Kahani of Sidnaaz.


What happens to your love when you die? Does your love end? Does your love stay in your heart or in your body? When you say, “I Love You,” what does the “I” stand for? Is it your body, mind, or soul? When you die, is your love also destroyed like your body, or is it immortal like your soul? Then the question comes, is the soul immortal? Nobody can give a perfect answer to these questions. This book has tried to find the answers to that mystery. It’s a love story between two immortal souls. Love is an endless fuel to the energy called the soul, which will keep it alive forever.

Read An Imperishable Promise to find the real meaning of love. It is filled with lots of suspense and twists. What will happen to Raj and Kashish’s love when death becomes an obstacle between them? Will they overcome this false materialistic life to keep their love alive forever? Will their love survive without having a physical existence of the human body? Dive in to find all these answers.

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