Looking For a List of Sudha Murthy Books For Your Child? Here Are Three Sudha Murthy Books Every Child Should Read

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Getting the kids to read is every mother’s dream. While we leave no stone unturned to ensure the indulgence of the child into the world of books, it is all the more necessary to ensure their world of words guides them on the right path. With the splurge of kids’ books in the market finding the right one for your child might be a tedious task for every parent. But when it comes to the list of Sudha Murthy books, we can rest assured and buy the books without any investigations. Nonetheless here are three Sudha Murthy Books that you should buy for your child right away.

List of Sudha Murthy Books

List of Sudha Murthy Books for Your Child

1. The Magic of the Lost Temple

When you think of buying a book by Sudha Murthy and searching for it, the Magic of the Lost Temple would be the title that would pop up first, justifiably so. The book takes the kids to the magical innocent world of Nooni. The author has created magic with words that the kids can enjoy and experience. Moreover, the innocence of the characters is what attracted me the most. Most of the kids’ books are about violence, bullying, lying and so many unrealistic ideas planted in the minds of the kids. But when we are talking about the books by Sudha Murthy, we need not worry about any of these aspects. Because quality and credibility are guaranteed.

2. Grandmas Bag of Stories

Another classic Sudha Murthy book is Grandma’s Bag of stories. The plot takes off with Anand, Krishna, Raghu, and Meena visiting their grandparents. The kids are taken to a world of fantasy by Ajji and Ajja. From mythology to fantasy the book widens the realm of imagination of the readers. With simple language, the book has made sure to bring the kids close to reading. If you are looking for books that could make your child read, this is the one. 

3. The Magic Drum and Other Favorite Stories

When her novels are the best on the list of Sudha Murthy books, a collection of short stories would keep the kids entertained and since the plot skips from one story to another, the concentration level of the kids is sustained.

While the list of Sudha Murthy books, like Wise and Otherwise, Three Thousand Stitches, and How the Mango got its magic never ends, these three are my favorites. Which is your favorite? If you are a book lover, join our Outset Book Club and meet other book buffs.

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