Book Thief By Markus Zusak – Review

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 I have always been wary of reading books that are counted on as classics because somehow they come with a baggage of heightened expectations and mostly fail to work the charm. Contrary to my belief, Book Thief by Markus Zusak turned out to be something that I wanted to read over and over again. When I was looking for a book to read for myself on, suddenly I came across Book Theif, and that too at a reasonable price. I didn’t have to think twice and grabbed the book. And here I am with Book Thief review.

Book Thief by Markus Zusak – Review

The book takes off on a different note wherein we get to see a beautiful amalgamation of prose and poetry. It gives the impression that the author is talking about different people or different aspects of the same person but pinpointing what it would be is difficult. Nor would the author leave a space to guess how the plot is going to take a turn. And there comes the main plot taking us to a realm of pain, despair, and empathy coupled with the excitement of having something that the whole world is looking forward to.

The book is the best I have read of late. Liesel, our book thief holds the string of our hearts and plays with so much ease that we forget whether to sing along or weep for her.

Liesel the fighter

Liesel has been subjected to too many inequitable scenarios, that her stealing the book would create a feeling of amusement in the readers. She doesn’t talk to the readers but she communicated much more with her actions.

She doesn’t give up but she makes us want her to finally give up and rest. She is a character who would livee with us once we start reading the books. She reminded me of Tess of Drurbrvilles and Scarlette o Hara. Book Thief review is never complete without mentioning them. 

Overall the book is an entertaining, engaging yet painful read.

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