A Language of Lies by Saugata Chakraborty – Not Just a Book About Theft

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 Con movies and stories have never failed to entice the audience and readers. Right from ‘Catch Me If You Can’, to any latest movie or book about theft, the readers have been lenient in supporting the author or creators behind the same. This pretty much explains why Money Heist has been a rage in the past couple of years. Because we love to see smart protagonists who can bring the authorities on their knees.  Hence, when Sean Brignac comes to the picture as Prince Khalid, fooling practically everyone the readers want to adore his agility and smartness. Thus A Language of Lies by Saugata Chakraborty brings to the readers an anti-hero to adore.

A Language of Lies

The noble beginning 

Sean’s childhood as Antonio briefly helps the plot take off.  The complications in the families that seeped into sean’s life like a cascade of changes, be it the demise of parents or separation of adopted parents or even being disowned in his teenage, Sean is a troubled child. The back story that crafts Sean’s character is a strong one but it was not given much space to develop. A few incidents to depict the relationship between Sean and his parents and their life before their demise could have connected the audience with Sean better.

The con-man in the making

Sean’s interest in cars and bikes and how he pursued the passion is what drives the plot forward. It is interesting to see how the author has led the plot in the reverse order and pulled of an interesting array of incidents. The author has deftly presented the scenario for the readers to engage in. 

The characters testify for the author

The characters of A Language of Lies are crafted in such a way that the plot is pushed forward by the character notwithstanding the fact that the development space has not been allotted for them. The same is a testimony of the author’s finesse as the readers are gripped by the suspense. The narration is meant for readers of all strata. That said, the fact that the author has outdone the commercial Indian English writers is undeniable. Unlike the books and movies about theft that we have come across, the author has made sure not to squeeze undue lovemaking and fight sequences in the book. The scenarios whatsoever are in the sink with the plot.

The inconsistent grip

While the book calls for an unputdownable read, the author was intermittently losing the grip on the plot. This could have been avoided with a round of developmental edits. However, the fitness in the craft negates the inconsistencies to a great extent. A Language of Lies is the same everywhere, and the author has translated this with ease.

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