Think Big To Win By Shubha Vilas – Review

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Ramayan, is an epic that is a bedtime story for kids, a point of reference for students, and a way of living and worship for adults. The epic has seen several re-tellings over the years. Be it the narrative of Sita, Urmila, Lakshman, or Bharata, the re-tellings never failed to entice the readers. Despite having numerous re-tellings that already took the position in hit charts, the new version by Shubha Vilas, Think Big to Win, the 6th installment in the Game of Life series has a new perspective to the whole tale. 

                                            Think Big To Win By Shubha Vilas

The real-life adaptation

The author has seamlessly connected the tale to the lives of the new generation, Gen Z, as we say. The lessons that are conveyed are translated in the millennial context without losing the essence. This in turn is the highlight of the book. In several instances, the author, with the lucid narration has pulled a thread of complicated lives and complex relationship hassles.

Nothing looks the same

While reading the book, nothing looks the same as we felt while listening to or reading about Ramayana till now. All that we have seen is love between brothers, spouses, brotherhood, enmity, and the victory of good over evil. But ‘Think Big to Win’ is a beautiful rendition beyond the obvious that we have failed to see. Game of Life series is a revolution in Indian mythological retelling.

Powerful Sita 

While I have read numerous retellings that depict Sita as a woman of substance and have despised the injustice that happened to her, nothing has prepared me for this powerful woman who unleashes her fury on the man whom she loved, married, and finally rejected for not giving her the due respect. What a wonderful rendition.  

The practical lesson from mythology

The book is a practical lesson indeed for laymen under the context of the Ramayana. Read it carefully to imbibe the lessons and re-read it every time you will see a different perspective.

Mind management books are plenty but one that brings entertainment, philosophy, and self-help – this is what we need and that’s what Think Big to Win stands for. Grabbing a copy of the previous books in the Game of Life series soon…


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