A Lizard In The Room By Kisholoy Roy

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 To write a 10 page book or rather microtale, and present it to the readers with conviction needs immende confidence in one’s craft. Dr. Kisholoy Roy has that confidence and rightfully so. 


The book is the story of a lizard who visited the author, who has been breeding a phobia of insects. The author has introduced the scenario engagingly by explaining the different types of phobias someone could have. This would leave the readers wondering if they have any one of the phobias. Further the hero of the story, the lizard comes into the picture.

Quirky narration:

The author has depicted the funnily fearful experience in a quirky narration. The narrative was different from the classic Kisholoy Roy style. It is refreshing to read a seemingly negligible experience explained in such a way that the readers would be left wondering what will happen next. 

If I write more about the book, it would be a spoiler. The book cannot be judged on the basis of plot development and character craft as it is a single-scene plot. I expect a collection of such micro tales from the author in the near future.

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