You’ll Always Be My Favorite What If By Tshree

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The love-hate trope of protagonists is the hot selling one . The intensity of love, the repulsion of hatred, the tug of war of unsaid emotions, the plot gives a lot of possibilities to the author to work on. You’ll always be my favorite what if by @tshree_author is one book that has exploited the possible scenarios budding from this trope.

You'll Always Be My Favorite What If By Tshree

The intense trope:

Amisha and Avyansh can’t stand each other and cannot live without them. The fact that they haven’t seen each other for nearly two decades doesn’t subdue their obsession with the other. Amisha is in a toxic relationship with her husband, one that is soon going to end. 

Engaging narrative:

The author has presented her finesse in playing with words around human emotions. The impeccably beautiful style of narrative is the highlight of the book. The characters are all developed over time in the book. 

Powerful female protagonist:

It is a welcome change to see an equally powerful female protagonist as that a male protagonist amidst the flood of average girl vs business tycoon tropes. However, the deliberate efforts to tell the readers about the ‘richness’ of the heroine is a put-off. It could have been showing instead of telling. 
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