Virtual Tête-à-tête With Rahul Saini

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 Indian authors are expected to write stories that fall within the shackles of morality. Morality that is defined by the masses with a veil of discrimination.  When Rahul Saini wrote ‘Love to Hurt You’, little did he expect the backlash from the readers who have carried Game of Thrones,  Fifty Shades of Grey and the likes on their shoulders. Little did the readers expect the author of The Part I Left With You,  to write something a raw, gory and realistically scary.  Was it discrimination or wrong expectations?

Virtual tête-a-tête with Rahul Saini

When I read Rahul Saini ‘s the Part I Left with You, I was overwhelmed with emotions  because the author has unpretentiously portrayed raw emotions. Nonetheless, I Love to Hurt You made me realise that raw emotions is a relative term. To surmise how he accomplished the feat of bringing two divergent plot lines out through on pen or laptop for that matter, I connected with Rahul. What happened further is pure magic.
Rahul Saini Interview

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Rahul Saini is the bestselling author of many novels, including Those Small Lil Things: In Life and Love and Paperback Dreams.
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