Write Me A Love Story by Ravinder Singh – Review

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 The romantic scenario has changed drastically. It is fast and ephemeral. The contemporary literature reflects the superficial relations that hold no base whatsoever. Write me a love story by Ravinder Singh narrates a relationship that is common among the millennials – Peripherally deep yet shallow. 

Write Me A Love Story

Masala for the teenagers

The book is clearly written for readers in their late teens and early twenties. A couple that starts sexting on the second day of real acquaintance could very well be entertainable for the readers in this bracket. I am probably too old for the plot. The love-hate relationship trope has been the latest favorite of the authors, It has the flavor of the attraction that is held back and repulsion that is manipulated. Nonetheless, the author did not hold on to the rift between the protagonists for long. In a snap the readers see them pouncing on each other. This, while sounding abrupt could be merged with the plot had the author not connected the two romantically.

The inside tale of publishing houses

The author has portrayed the tug of war between publishing houses to get hold of a bestselling author in no uncertain terms. This has enhanced the flavor of the spices. The character of Maya is realistic and the author has portrayed her with utmost conviction. Every corporate firm would have a Maya who is empathetic and does whatever it takes to push the firm up the ladder.

The plot that is laid way before

The author has laid the twist in the plot way before. The moment Asmita meets Abhimanyu’s(protagonist) competitor the readers know that this is the plot that is laid for the twist later, which sounded way too obvious. The antagonist’s character craft is predictable as well. This array of cliche kills the spirit. 

Commendable climax

The climax of the book is a breather for the readers as opposed to the predictable climaxes that we have been witnessing of late in the romantic books. Hence the stand of Asmita is a celebration of self-esteem.

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