The Part I Left With You By Rahul Saini -Simple Yet Enviable Craft

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I am not a romance lover – precisely Indian Romance. To narrow it down, Indian bestselling romance because for some undecipherable reasons, romance in Indian literature needs cheesy sequences, puppy love, and unwanted lovemaking scenes. Still, I went for The Part Left With You for the sole reason that I have liked the craft of the author’s previous book. Did Rahul Saini disappoint this time? Let’s analyze.

The Part I Left With You By Rahul Saini -Simple Yet Enviable Craft

The not-so-perfect protagonist:

Part I Left With You is the tale of Ratna, Ronit, and Natasha. Natasha and Ronit have been head in love with each other but gradually the blue-eyed boy transformed into someone who Natasha could not recognize. Falling out of love is what they saw later.
When Ratna, a mass communications student approaches Ronit, the bestselling author with for an interview as a part of her project, she expected the handsome hunk who adorned the back page of his books. Nonetheless, the one who opened thr door to his house and a few days of life is a deteriorating shadow of the great writer. In an attempt to save him and pull him out of the impeding depression she decides to stay with him with the pretense of losing her belongings.

A realistic picture of romantic indulgence:

As I mentioned before, what puts me off has been the unrealistically filmy and too-good-to-be-true perfect love life that has been portraying the most skewed definition of love. But Rahul Saini leaves me in awe of the depth with which he has analyzed love. A relationship can be at a point where the lovers cannot wait for a chance to end the trauma but still continue loving each other madly. The reason pinned for the breakup between Ronit and Natash is shallow but it somehow projects the gravity of the issues they were dealing with.

The underconfident and exuberant female protagonist:

Ratna’s character somehow failed to create the impression. The cliche of an underconfident female character who tries to hide her insecurity with strange idiosyncrasies has been an overworked trope. Hence it hinders the flow of the plot that is otherwise a perfect craft.
Even though the author has substantiated Ratna’s personal life and what led to her present state of mind, the similarity of her character with several others kills the sport.

A narrative to admire:

Having said that, nothing can take away the aura created by the author’s impeccable narration. If you are a beginner, you have much to learn. If you are a seasoned reader you have much to rewind. Because the author has maneuvered the plot with finesse.

Overall The Part I Left With You by Rahul Saini is a fresh breeze amidst the stinking cliches. To sum it up, a simple yet enviable craft.
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