Infinity Reaper By Adam Silvera – Book Review

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 Fantasy has never been my genre of interest. However, when I got Infinity Reaper from Simon and Schuster, I knew that it is something unique. The next step was to get the prequel Infinity Son, to imbibe the essence of the book. The series infinity cycle is the story of two brothers Emil and Brighton. The first part of the book is wrapped around Emil and the secrets surrounding his birth. In continuation of the first part, the author grabs the readers with a completely different scenario in the sequel.

Phoenixes and humans:

Emil acquires some powers which he realizes later. The spell walkers and specters are the two rival entities in the world of phoenixes. While spell walkers have an inherent power of magic, the specters are the vile groups that acquire their power through alchemy.

The imagination of the author is commendable. While fantasizing about the human amalgamation of phoenixes, he made sure not to lose the thriller essence.

Brighton, the infinity reaper

Brighton’s transformation in attaining power is analogous to what we see in a common scenario. While Emil became all the more grounded and kind, Brighton transformed into someone with whom no one could connect to. The presence of Brighton like a snake in the lake, all through the movie is brimful suspense that urges the readers to keep reading to know what happens next.
However, the size of the book is exhausting. The events are happening simultaneously and continuously, so the readers would be confused about where the plot is headed to. Nonetheless,  the author has managed to maneuver the plotline back on track.
The book has ended at a cliffhanger keeping the readers on the edge of their seats till the next part makes it to the bookstore.
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