26/11 Braveheart – The Tale Of Peseverance, Patriotism And Pain

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The night of November 26, when we were all indulged in the dreamy world a set of commandoes from different departments were fighting for their nations, for the civilians, and for their own life. Praveen Kumar Teotia was doing all of the above. He was fighting for the nation as a MARCO , saving 150 lives and fighting for his life. He is a 26/11 braveheart who is living without an ear, an amputated lung, and splinters in his heart. The unbelievable, unfathomable, exemplary story that gives a chill down your spine.

26/11 Braveheart

The unfiltered village life:

Pavan Kumar Teotia, through his book 26/11 portrays several shades of Indian lives. The lives of villagers who have a commando in every family are exciting. But the families where women remain merely in the background surprised and saddened me. Though it is not the theme of the book, I couldn’t help but notice this.

Coming to the protagonist, Pavan Kumar, is superhuman. I am a country where heroes who use dupes to do the fights, are worshipped, here is a real-life hero. He was forgotten till recently. He had to go to extremes to gain due respect and recognition.

The self-help reality:

We read self-help books for success but here we have the ultimate inspiration to never give up. If with his conditions, he could attain as much impossible is just a word. Immense respect to him and all the unsung heroes. The book makes us realize how ill-informed we are about what is happening in our nation.
Sending the command in inadequate security is the worst act anyone could do. Our heads should hang in shame when our heroes are treated like cattle when we live in the security of our houses because of them
I am not using any fancy pictures as I don’t want to take the concentration off this brave heart.
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