Nothing To Lose By Manbeena Sandhu – Review Of The Authobiography

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Nothing To Lose By Manbeena Sandhu - Review Of The Authobiography

Ma Anand Sheela and Bhagawan Rajneesh have been the newsmakers in the 90s. She is the key person associated with Osho. Had the media jugglery been as ubiquitous as now, they would have made it to every talk show and interview. The life of the powerful Guru and his disciple has been a mystery till  Ma Anand’s story found its way to the public. Nothing to lose by Manbeena Sandhu is a consummated account of Ma Anand Sheela from the time she met her Bhagawan.

Nothing to lose by Manbeena Sandhu – An Analysis

Sheela, as a little girl was mesmerized by Bhagwan Rajneesh. Her adoration for him is unfathomable. She is unable to say what it is that she feels for him. While she knitted her dreams of submitting her life to the service of her Bhagwan, she is uprooted from India and replanted to another universe – The United States. 

The United States is somewhere she couldn’t belong to but got accustomed to. It is there that she met the love of her life, Marc. Life continued giving her lemons, this time as a life-threatening disease for Marc. But fate bent before her unrelenting love for Marc that his fatal disease failed to consume him. He recovered and lived for many years to come. 

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When Bhagwan became family:

Further Ma Anand took him to India and introduced him to Bhagwan Rajneesh. Marc becomes his dedicated disciple too and the couple becomes active promoters of their Bhagwan. Nonetheless, they learn that all is not hunky-dory as they expected. The Bhagwan is not what they see on the periphery. So, what went wrong? Read the book to know more.

The author is brave in bringing up reality and exposing it with brutal honesty. Her connection with Ma Anand has been evident throughout the book. The narration of the book takes it two notches higher with the detailed life of Ma Anand on the platter for the readers.

At some point, the book sounded sycophantic. The author could have delved deeper into the darker shades of Sheela as a human being. This could have made the book tad more genuine.

But who is the woman beyond the persona of the commune leader? What is Sheela like behind the sensational ‘tough titties’ avatar?

Non-fiction that is more thrilling than fiction:

The book keeps the reader hooked to it. A life that has more shades than any movie character would grab the readers, more so when it is about a controversial personality. This book is for every book lover. A no-holds-barred account of Ma Anand Sheela’s controversial life.


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