The Machine is Learning by Tanuj Solanki – Review

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The Machine is Learning by Tanuj Solanki - Review

Globalization and mechanization have changed the lives of people forever. Through a low process, the machines have replaced human beings in different walks of life. We rarely do we know the process behind the transformation.

The Theme

The machine is learning depicts the introduction of AI in the entry-level job of an insurance company. The readers are enlightened with the nitty-gritty of insurance firms through the first-person narration of Saransh. The author has deftly portrayed as to how the customers who approach the firm to surrender the policies are maneuvered into withdrawing the application without stepping on their toes.

The Plot

The first quarter of the book is exclusively reserved for the detailed account of the insurance companies, which in turn makes the book monotonous and gives the impression of a non-fiction book.

Further, the readers are introduced to the personal life of Saransh. He meets Jyoti through a dating App. Their clash in ideologies makes further plot interesting. Jyoti’s disapproval about the introduction of new technology takes it to the next level.


The author has taken care in giving ample space into character development, without explicitly citing the idiosyncrasies. Each character has an individuality and the author has dealt with them without prejudice.


The book is a brutally honest account of the clandestine affairs of the insurance companies and corporate firms at large. It is recommended to everyone who wants a fictional adaptation of corporate reality.

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