Finding Your Seat At The Table By Tebogo Mofokeng

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Finding Your Seat At The Table By Tebogo Mofokeng

Having a job is the ultimate aim for the majority of the students. Most of the hem would be focused on what they need but very few know how to. Author Teboho Mofokeng lays out a detailed and systematic way of approaching your career. Right from creating a career roadmap to every step in developing your career, you can get everything in this book.

The author has brought up several neglected aspects of career development. For instance- The importance of reskilling. Often people ignore the importance of reskilling after being employed in a well-paying job. But a decade or so later, the skill set will get obsolete and that’s when they realize that their services are no longer necessary and need to learn more. Mostly it would be too late by then.

Blurb Says: Finding your seat at the requires that you play to your strengths and build on the skills required to lead and inspire change once you are at the table.

The author points out the four Ps that are imperative in improving your career. 

1. Positive

2. Personal

3. Possible

4. Prioritized.

The author points out the importance of SMART goals. SMART is an acronym. The details about the same are given in the book. Author discourses the further aspects like happiness in your career.

A career is not about just working on yourself. Furthermore, in the advanced stages of your career, you need to have a team that works. Subsequently, the author lays out the qualities of a leader. 

 Summarily, the author gives you a checklist and pointer to look at from the beginning of your career through retirement. Having this book will surely help you out in situations of dilemma.

The book is recommended to everyone who wants to build a career, who has started a career, and who is at the senior level of the career.

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