The Tech by Mark Ravine- Book Review Book 33

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The Tech by Mark Ravine- Book Review Book 33
The Tech by Mark Ravine- Book Review Book 33

It is a herculean task to pull off investigative thrillers in literature. The action sequences and the suspense threads need to be graphic enough so as to give the readers a visual prejection of the events. The Tech by Mark Ravine, with its meritorious narration and magnificent character craft has attained the feat effortlessly.

Alexandra Cassidy is delegated the task of investigating a bank robbery. The case is proved so easily that she starts having doubts about the finesse of the job done. But things are not hunky-dory anymore and she is caught amidst child trafficking, accompanied buy an incongrous individual. Her team is no less in being abnormal. With the team that is notorious of having black marks in the track record, without even the basic idea of puntuality, Alexandra’s chances of proceeding with the case seems like herding cats. To to it all, her seniors are a major hindrance in her path much less providing any valuable help. How will she proceed? Who is the individual ? How is he possible to get every information at his finger tips?
The characters are the focal point of the plot. For the plot to proceed, the characters must be acting according to the norms but author has crafted a bunch of individuals with their idiosyncrasies and misdemeanour makes everything look unfeasible. After a apoint, the plot gets monotonous Mike’s character breaks the monotony of the plot. The mystery behind his efficacy and his secret help, holds the curiosity of the readers. The revelations in the climax were abrupt. More space should have been given to the sequence. The pace of the plot drops half way through the book but succeeds in holding the intrigue again. 
Overall the book is a visual treat of words.

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