Journey to the Next Level- Book Review Book 32

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Journey to the Next Level

The journey to the next level- The impression that could be possibly left behind by the title would be that the books are a science fiction or maybe a fantasy book on millenial games. It is indeed fantasy but never connected to the hi-tech millenial stuff.

Omi, is a sailor, a hardcore materialistic person who is jerked back to the spiritual reality with the turn of events in his life. He receives a phone call informing him about the accident of his uncle who ends up in a coma. The visit to his uncle changes Omi’s life for good. The uncle who is in a coma holds his hand, which is unexplainable by any medical science branch. He learns that his uncle’s soul has left the body and he is assigned to find the lost soul. Omi’s foray into the netherworld in search of his uncle’s soul is the crux of the book. Omi learns that finding his uncle’s soul is not his only destiny. What Omi sees and learns calls for an engaging and enthralling read.
The author has seamlessly sewn contemporary life with mythology, spirituality, and fantasy, thereby presenting a cocktail of intoxicating genres. The book serves the purpose of illustrating spirituality to the youth. The imagery of Lord Krishna as an old man is unimaginable for a layman but the author has portrayed characterized the image with the conviction that the readers will be forced to indulge more in the ‘what and why’ of it.
Overall it is a fast-paced fantasy ride through the alleys of mythology and the present.
Journey to the Next Level

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