Startup Ramayana By Prachi Garg Book 29

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Startup Ramayana By Prachi Garg

Startup Ramayana By Prachi Garg

The epic Ramayana has been retold several times in Indian Literature. We have seen Ravana’s version, Sita’s version, and even modern Ramayana. The retelling of Ramayana in a corporate scenario is unique and beneficial to readers who are venturing into business. The book targets, hardcore mythological fiction lovers, as well as business book lovers who are into fiction. Without bloodshed, the author has told the tale of Rama’s Ayana (journey) in the corporate world.

Start-up Ramayana is a short read. Rama is kicked out of his firm with Kaikeyi’s clandestine tactics. The instances in Ramayana are adopted into the book with a corporate overture. As fate would have it, Rama is forced to leave the town like Lord Rama did. Further how Ravana, Vibheeshana, Hanuman, Bali, and all other characters are introduced calls for a captivating read. There is a profound voice of justice and fate which the epic conveyed and adapted to the book in a cosmopolitan fashion that the transition is smooth and seamless.
Coming to the characters, the author did not have to work on the basic frame as there is a base plot already set but painting the idiosyncrasies of the characters to the millennial easel is not an easy feat. The author has impeccably attained the same.
Overall the book is a mythological amalgamation of contemporary fiction.

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