Kali’s Daughter by Raghav Chandra – Review #BookMarathon Book30

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Kali's Daughter by Raghav Chandra
Kali's Daughter by Raghav Chandra

Caste , religion and discrimination has been a topic of discussion in light of the unfortunate incidents happened of late. The phobia of the underprivileged, unwillingness to share space, food or even have relationships with the lower caste and judging people on base of the color is a sick mentality. However varied we look on the periphery, the blood is all the same- red. Author has substatiated this magnificent message through his book Kali’s daughter. Kali the powerful Goddess who is jet black in color and wears a garland of skull.

The plot revolves a bunch of Civil Service students who come together from various backgrounds.
Aman- A no nonsense guy
Arundhati- The snob
Rajesh- Who breeds Phobia towards lower castes and dark skin
Deepika- A sagacious girl who has had a hard childhood bearing the brunt of caste discrimination
Vijay- The fiery rebel who questions the system without caring much about the consequences.
Will Deepika fight? Will she endure? What will she say to the Human Rights Council? How will she represent India to the rest of the world?
If we think deeply, the bunch is the representation of India as such. How these students gel with each other is interesting to see. Arundhati thinks low about Deepika and her simpleton life but is forced to share room with her. Meanwhile Deepika is the heartthrobe of both Aman and Vijay. While Aman is a Brahmin, Vijay belongs to scheduled caste, so does Deepika. This makes the triangle even more interesting and complicated. Will Aman’s socially antiquated mother, who thinks lowly of lower caste people accept Deepika? Will ever the pure heart of Deepika win over Arundhati? Will Vijay succeed in his revolutionary ideologies?
The book forced me to skip my sleep. After a while, maybe an year or two I was so engrossed in a book that I forgot everything else.The book doesn’t simply call out the discrimination in the country but is an exemplary piece of literature. I envy the author. I so wish if I had written this exquisite piece of litereature.
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