Stripes Recruitment by Luke Melia- Book Review- #BOOK17

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Stripes Recruitment by Luke Melia

After Give Up, Luke Melia is back with his next book about the tiger attempting the interview. As much as the theme intrigues you, the author has made an interesting account of a Tiger’s life.

Stripes are continuously attending interviews so that he could take a break from his present job in a construction company. Wherever he goes he is given a business card and his profile is carelessly brushed under the carpet. His desperate attempt of changing his name from Anthony to Stripe didn’t work. But finally, he finds a way out using what he has been counting on as insults showered upon him. The book tells the readers more about what it is, and how he made use of it.
The book speaks volumes about the finesse of the author. To execute a theme as this in a 40-page book is not easy but the author has successfully accomplished it. The book is an amalgamation of fantasy and metaphorical reality. The character of stripes is the representative of lakhs if not crores of employees all over the world who are on a middle ground where their passion is compromised for survival. The ones who don’t belong to the corporate world and feel like tigers among a group of men.
The book will leave the readers wanting more. If developed into a full-fledged novel the plot has a lot of possibilities to work on.
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