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Futuristic stories have always been of interest to readers. But often they will be brimful of imagery and stuffed with the fantasy that the book would be too large to hold the interest of the readers. The justification vetted out for the same used to be that it takes a couple of pages and a few chapters to establish the scenario and develop it. Deepak Kaul has proved his craft in those 67 pages.

The author has incorporated the current Covid situation and connected the plot to the same. The author has addressed several environmental issues and pointed out several possible solutions for the same. While the readers indulge in the book, they are sure to feel that they could apply it in their real life. There isn’t a more perfect timing for a novella of this sort and the fact that the author has incorporated th recent events into the plot and still managed to come forth with a well-crafted and proofread and perfectly edited book is a plausible feat.
In an era of International Space Stations, being stuck in outer space is not a far-fetched idea. Had it been stretched more it would have been a monotonous read. Hence the author has summarised the events in a 67-page book.
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