Be Careful What You Wish For by Jeffrey Archer- Review

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Clifton Chronicles by Jeffrey Archer

Clifton Chronicles by Jeffrey Archer is one of the most successful series in the history of English Literature. The plot revolving around the lives of Emma and Harry Clifton brought the readers to the Cliftons’ lives and held them to each of the books. I had read the sequel first and then came back to the prequel and hence it was a different reading experience compared to how it would have been, had I read it in order. 
Hardcastle’s first decision is who to support to become the next chairman of the board: Emma Clifton or Major Alex Fisher? And with that decision, the story takes yet another twist that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The twist in the tale

Emma and Harry are shocked to hear about the death of their Son Sebastian, soon to realize that it’s not their son but someone unexpected who succumbed to the injuries. The accident unveils a sequence of conspiracies and learns that it was a murder attempt on Sebastian. Further, the readers are taken to a world of corporate treachery and emotional horse trade. The Cliffton and Barrington families wade through the waves of pain and uncertainties. On the other end of the world, their adopted 
daughter Jessica falls in love with a fellow student. When all is well in paradise, something topples down everything. Jefferey Archer has woven an impeccable tale that calls for a dozen sequels.

After reading the sequels, when we read the prequel, we already know how the lives are going to change and hence the introduction of the characters is a surreal experience. A character worth mentioning is Virginia. The vile lady’s character evolves over time and the author has given a head-start for the same. The intricate details of the boardroom discussions and the give and take that happens between the directors are stretched unduly, thereby making the book lag. The author has clearly learned from his book. The prequels are an alibi for how the author worked on the flaws. It is a very rare occurrence that the prequels are several grades higher.

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