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Alanya and I –  Book Review

A mother’s journey is surreal. Each mother has a different journey because each baby is different. The same mother could have different journeys with different kids. Anaaya and I is the journey of the author with her daughter Anaaya. It could be a coincidence or destiny that I am writing the review during the #A2ZChallenge and the author started her book with her A2ZChallenge experience.

 It will be a beautiful memory for everyone to cherish.

The author has put forth the journey from the first moment till her child reached her milestones.  Each point in her life is palpably presented to their readers. For the to-be mothers, there are a lot of helpful points which could be helpful for their pregnancy. It is heartwarming to see how the author and her husband jointly welcome their daughter and how she became the center of the universe.

The emotional moments

There are a lot of emotional and exciting moments in the book, which every mother would be able to relate to. The book made me realize how silly I was to judge a mother who was upset about her daughter having physiological jaundice, which is a common and harmless condition. But the author makes us realize that even that would be stressful for the new mothers. The author’s account of the unsolicited, unscientific advice seemed so relatable because it would be the case for every Indian mother.
The book could have been longer. By and large, the book is a perfect pointer to the to-be moms and the walk down memory lane for the experienced mothers but the emotional connection between Anaaya and her mother could have been explored to the fullest extent possible.
How the author multitasks to balance her life is indeed an inspirational tale for every woman. 
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