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Match-fixing is a term that has been used synonymous to cricket these days. There was a time the laymen used to watch cricket like a religious practice. But now, a dropped catch or a wicket or a no ball or a sixer would be seen with a frown. Fix is a tale of match fixing in Pakistan Women’s Cricket.

From the bestselling author of the prisoner and the party worker will the profusely talented Sanam Khan’s rise to the pinnacle of world cricket be interrupted by the bookies and the powerful match-fixing mafia?

Sanam is the Pakistan cricket team captain. The girl who changed the perspective about women’s cricket in a retrograde country like Pakistan. She , with her girls reaches UK to play women’s World Cup. The whole media is focussed on the Women in Green. While everything seems right, Sanam is contacted by a well known bookie, and she falls for an ex- cricketer who allegedly fixed men’s World Cup years before. Thenceforth we get to see a thrilling tale brimful of suspense. How she deals with the challenges is the rest of the tale.

 Will Sanam and her girls succeed where the men failed, or will history repeat itself?.

Author has put forward the intricacies of spot fixing like a seasoned bookie. The expanse of research invested in the book is transparently evident to the readers. Without taking any names, author has clearly delineated who is who in th whole plot. How Sanam meets the bookie, and how he gets access to the Pakistan  Cricket captain, is deftly rendered. How Sanam reacts is an impulsive sentiment. Fatima is the game changer in the cat and mouse game between bookies and players. The book is all about how the players will be forced to succumb to the pressure so as to help the bookies at least in sopt fixing, 

The depiction of Indian captian as someone who brazenly joins hands with the bookie didn’t come down well with me as an Indian. There were a few loose plots. Nonetheless the book has managed to impress the readers
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