The Full Circle by Namrata Gupta- Analysis

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The Full Circle by Namrata Gupta- Analysis


The Full Circle by Namrata Gupta- Analysis

A man who identifies himself as traveler in terms of the profession is a rarity. Aditya of the full circle is one such rare human being who keeps on traveling and leads a nomadic life. He settles down at places and does odd stuff which helps him earn his living and once he has earned a considerable amount of money he restarts his endeavor.

The character of Aditya is the highlight of the book. He is the nucleus of the book as well as the narrative.

To start off author has made sure to hook the readers with the style of narration. Exemplary language has done half the job of creating a steep graph in terms of reader interest.

“The clarity of the light blue sky was marred by numerous white clouds, irregularly shaped, rather enhancing the beauty of the picturesque landscape instead of increasing it.”

Once Aditya reaches Darjeeling and settles there for three months he meets Zinnia, whom he falls for. By the time he realizes his strong feelings towards her, he stumbles upon a dark secret in her past, of which she is unaware. How Aditya deals with the secret is the rest of the book.

” The mirage was broken. What she knew as the truth turned into fiction to beguile her, the person she had been living with for so many years turned into someone she never knew  until then… “

The book deals with a lot of subjects. Adityas steps in to help people and his endeavor calls for an endearing read. Towards the second half author seems to lose the grip on the whole plot. The subplot wherein Aditya sets out to help Jacqueline, seems to be misplaced but since it is the part where he realizes his feelings for Zinnia, it was required too. Overall the book is a promising yet short read.

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