When Karma Goes Upside Down by Dishant Huria – Analysis

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When Karma Goes Upside Down by Dishant Huria - Analysis


When Karma Goes Upside Down by Dishant Huria – Analysis

While preparing for the fourth love anniversary surprise, the girlfriend decides to break up. It could be the most heartbreaking experience for any average teenager. Aarush is no different. He is broken down. He goes after her again and again without even thinking about his self-respect. Once he tries to get distracted with another relationship, that too doesn’t work well.

Blurb reflects the whole mood of the book ” Join Aarush as he tries- by hook or crook- to find a way into love and happiness When Karma Goes Upside Down

When Karma Goes Upside down is the story of love, loss, despair, heartbreak, and above all revival. The overall tale is not very unique but the author has managed to avoid a cheesy romance. Aarush’s turmoil has been portrayed with conviction lest he will look like a loser. The relationship with Deepali is a comparatively mature one where they give each other space and tries to figure out their life but how the relationship turned out to be is vague. A clarified approach to the same could have been appealing. 

After all, there were so many things that I needed to do- my desire to travel had not died and my thirst to seek knowledge was still alive.

The climax was a far-fetched one and the switch was also sharp and distracting. Suchita’s character was not given enough space to develop and sounded like a forced one. Unwanted lovemaking sequences could also have been avoided. A round of developmental editing could have helped the book. The book is approached in the right sense could help teenagers rethink their life and situation and prevent them from going after lost love. 

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