The Right Time by Danielle Steel- Review

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Name          – The Right Time
 Author                 – Danielle Steel
 Publisher              – Pan Macmillan UK
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Danielle Steel never fails to endear the reader with her effortless narration and touching storyline. The Right Time is the tale of Alexandra a.k.a Alex.

Alex is born to a young mother who is not ready to accept her child much less her husband. Her father brings her up post the separation of her parents. Despite being not available, Alex loves her mother and is shocked to learn the news of her demise. Alex tries to bring the pieces back together with the help of her father, who introduces her to the world of crime thrillers. Slowly she gets absorbed in the world of gory crimes and starts writing herself.  Her happiness doesn’t have much life as her father is diagnosed with Alzheimer and she is left to take care of her dad at the age of fourteen she is orphaned. The next innings of her life start at a convent under the guidance and care of the nuns. Alex starts writing under the pen name of Alexander Green because she didn’t want to compete with the prejudistic world to think that her books won’t be good as she is a woman. Further, the readers are taken to the dream world of thrills, love, passion, and the excitement of leading a dual life. 


The style of narration, character craft, and pace of the book doesn’t need much mention as it is Danielle Steel and she has that mettle that gives minimum guarantee in the book. Nonetheless, the too good to be true, ‘Miss Goody Two Shoes’ protagonist in the book, like many of her other books is a put-off. Her various relationships with different shades are depicted well. The author has taken a dig into the judgmental mentality of the world towards female authors who write crime thrillers. The challenges that Alex goes through are also thrilling as well as engaging. The pace of the book drops after her marriage and struggles to gain momentum and further, it seems like the author is trying hard to harness the whole plot into the climax.


Overall the book is a decent entertainer

Scenario:   4 /5

Narration: 4.5/5
Character:  4/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4/5

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