Finding Utopia by Ruhee Advani- Review

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Name          – Finding Utopia
 Author                 – Ruhee Advani
 Publisher              – Become Shakespeare
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We need not write long essays or boring scripts to convert philosophical ideologies. Ruhee Advani proves that it is possible through a short play, through her book Finding Utopia.

It is a one-act play. The protagonist is a girl. ed Jiya who is about to graduate. At the graduation party with her friends, she meets Arjun over a drink. The conversation with him changes her life forever. She finds the answer to the questions she had in mind for a long time. He helps her find her Utopia.

The overall mood of the play is philosophical cum contemporary. It could be played in colleges. The whole mood is for teenagers. It gets interesting but the monologue of Jiya after graduation and her discussion with her parents sounded repetitive. It could have been worked on to make it more interesting.

Overall the book is an interesting play.

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