No Matter What I Do by Devanshi Sharma- Review

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No Matter What I Do by Devanshi Sharma- Review

Name          – No Matter What I Do
 Author                 – Devanshi Sharma
 Publisher              – Srishti Publications
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What is happening in medical colleges? Are they service institutes or business centers? 
Devanshi Sharma knows it all.
In the background of SVS Medical College, Bhopal, the author brings forth to the readers how the medical colleges are not able to draw the line between service and business. It’s the story of Kabir, Samaira, Kushank, and Suhani. How they find themselves, how they find love, and how they deal with their lives. 

The reflection of the inside story of the management of the medical College as well as the realities of ragging going on clandestinely in colleges is commendable. The book proves that the author is privy to the deep secrets that are stuffed inside the golden platter. 
The style of narration is different and not tried by many. The informal vernacular language is the uniqueness of the book and simultaneously it could be a put-off as serious readers would be disappointed. The story as such lacks depth.
The target readers are teenagers only. Anyone beyond that age would not be able to enjoy the book with repeated cliches and shallow characters.


For teenagers

Scenario:   3/5
Narration:   2.5/5
Character:  3/5
Entertainment Quotient: 3/5

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