One Enduring Lesson by Jamal Merchant- Review

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One Enduring Lesson

Name          – One Enduring Lesson
 Author                 – Jamal Merchant
 Publisher              – Rupa Publications
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There are a few Romance books that provide the readers the satisfaction of reading something with substance. One Enduring Lesson surely comes under this list.

Rahul comes to Mumbai with the dream of learning filmmaking. But what awaits him is a life that he has never imagined. Beneath the glitz and glamour, there is another Mumbai that is for the rat-infested alleys and downtrodden humans. Unfortunately, Rahul fell into this part of Mumbai and had to work as a rat killer. Later he gets a reputed job which was reputed only on the periphery, which in turn lands him in jail. From there, in need of money and decent life, Rahul becomes Radium, the Male Escort to ladies, and starts living a dual life. Meanwhile, love knocks on the door to his heart. Will his dual life affect his lover’s life? Will Rahul continue his identity of Radium? 

A different take

Male escorts are not a secret anymore. After a magazine article, this is known to almost everyone. It could or could not be viewed with judgment. The author has brought forward a very tricky subject which if not handled properly will make the book look like a sleazy erotica. Nonetheless, the book is surprisingly as good as a classic. It could not be read as a mere romance book or the life of an escort. The lives of the clients that Rahul meets the call for another book itself. To coin so many subplots is commendable on the author’s part. He has subtly brought forward several issues like changing religion to Muslimhood just to have Polygamy, threatened marriages, bias towards AIDS patients, Gay men, etc. The book in itself is a social awareness lesson. 

Rahul’s love life is quite mature and how it affects him is portrayed beautifully and authentically. The style of narration is impeccable. The characters are crafted with utmost perfection. The plot is quite unique. Compared to how excellent the whole book is, the climax seems dull but doesn’t affect the overall mood of the book.


Could be a classic

Scenario:   5 /5

Narration:  5/5
Character:   5/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4.5/5

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