India’s Wars by Arjun Subramaniam Review

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Name         -India’s Wars: A military history, 1947-1971
Author                  – Arjun Subramaniam
Publisher              – Harper Collins
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Rating: 5.0


The armed forces occupy a special position in Indian society. Yet,
standard accounts of contemporary Indian history rarely have a military
dimension. In India’s Wars, serving Air Vice Marshal Arjun Subramaniam seeks to
give India’s military exploits their rightful place. Beginning with a snapshot
of the growth of the armed forces, he provides detailed accounts of the
principal conflicts from Independence to 1971: the first India-Pakistan war of
1947-48, the liberation of Hyderabad and Junagadh, the campaign to evict the
Portuguese from Goa in 1961, and the full-blown conventional wars against China
and Pakistan. Laced with veterans’ exhilarating experiences in combat
operations, India’s Wars fuse the strategic, operational, tactical, and human
dimensions of war with great finesse. Deeply researched and passionately
written, it unfolds with surprising ease and offers a fresh perspective on
modern Indian history.

My Review

War, for a normal Indian citizen who did not have in-person experience, is Kargil. But before the Kargil war and afterward, there have been innumerable instances of bravado shown by our armed forces. 
India’s wars are a detailed historical account of the adventures of the Indian Army, Navy, and Air force. 

A thoroughly researched and zealous book stands out with its detailed and engrossing narration. Detailed personal accounts of historians reveal an unforeseen chapter that reflects our cultural and ethical standards. The egalitarian principles have been given unprecedented importance in the mind of readers. The role of our armed forces has been neglected on a historical front. India’s wars throw light on the role of the British Indian Army and INA in our freedom struggle. His archival forays provide priceless anecdotes.

Overall the book is just perfect.
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About the author

Arjun Subramaniam
is a serving Air Vice Marshal in the Indian Air Force. A fighter pilot who has commanded
a fighter squadron and a large flying base, he also has a Ph.D. in Defence and
Strategic Studies. A prolific writer and speaker on military history, air power, and national security, he is currently posted as a faculty member at the
National Defence College, New Delhi.

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