Review of X by Sue Grafton- Review

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Name         – X

Author                  – Sue Grafton 
Publisher              – Pan Macmillan 
Number of Pages -491
Publishing Year   – 2016
Edition                  – Paperback
                    – 450
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Rating: 4.0

My Review

Sue Grafton has made her position up high among the authors who write thrillers. Her alphabet series has taken off on a high note and she successfully maintained the graph. While reading a series, it is important to make let the readers understand the characters. The character is crafted in such a way that first-time readers will not find it difficult to follow the backstory.

The story has two parallel plots. Kinsey, a private detective is approached by a lady who wants to trace her son, whom, she put up for adoption, three decades back. Kinsey is taken unawares when she learns that the payment she gets for the job consists of marked bills. Coincidentally or deliberately her client vanishes into thin air.
The second plot is Kinsey’s quest for the secrets behind a coded list, which, she gets from her deceased friend’s file. The inquiry takes her through unforeseen consequences.

The two plots proceed at a fast pace, keeping the readers on the edge of their seats. The narration and the events make the book unputdownable. The idiosyncrasies of the protagonist are quite entertaining. A private detective setting out for a serious operation with a full bladder surely calls for the inquisition as well as the amusement of the readers. Kinsey’s interactions with Henry, her house owner, are a refreshing distraction from the main plot. Yet, Henry plays an important role in unraveling a mystery.

Towards the second half, a third plot develops but I would keep it as suspense. The pace of the story drops when Kinsey sets out to Burning oaks. The encounter between the people who could give an alibi is dragged beyond the limits. 

The climax also cannot be evaluated in a single graph. The first plot ends in a quite cliched manner and the whole build-up seemed unwanted. The second plot is what hooks the readers till the end and I liked the climax too. The third plot, well, let it be suspense.

Do complete all your work before starting the book. Else, you will end up having undone work.

My verdict:- The book is perfect for cliffhanger lovers. 

Reviewed for the Publisher
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a
complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

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