Great Expectations by Charles Dickens- Review #BlogchatterA2Z

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Name          –  Great Expectations
 Author                 – Charles Dickens

To review a classic might look as a fool’s job to do as it has been read, analysed and reviewed for years. Nonetheless, after reading the book I could not refrain myself from writing about the book. This is not exactly a review as such. The story id about Phillip aka Pip, who has been living with his sister Mrs. Joe and her husband Mr.Joe. His chance encounter with Miss. Havisham and him being adopted by Mr. Jaggers and how his life changes thenceforth is the crux of the book. Pip reaches London with Great Excpectations and what happens?

In general, the book has been tagged as a tough read but I could lay my hands on the abridged version. Nonetheless my reading speed was quite slow as I had to hook myself to the book and imbibe the life of Pip. The way the story is weaved is beautiful. The highlight of the book is its characters Miss Havisham, Miss Estella, Mr. Pumplechook, Mrs and Mr Joe- All the characters communicate with the readers through the book. Despite being the first person narration by Pip, the characters connect with the readers quite well. This is a magical tale written by magical hands

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