Fairy Tale by Danielle Steel – Review

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Name          – Fairy Tale

 Author                 – Danielle Steel 
 Publisher              – PanMacmillan
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Every girl wishes to be the fairy tale princess but most of the fairy tales have helpless ordinary girls who later becomes the princesses who lives happily ever after with prince charming. In real life also there are girls who live pathetic lives under the cruel stepmothers.

Fairytale is the story of Camille who had everything as a child. Her mother’s demise turns everything upside down. If that wasn’t enough her father’s remarriage makes it worse. Her stepmother leaves no stone unturned to make her life a hell. More tragedies await her and how comes out of the high tide in her live is the crux of the story.

Camille, again is the same old “Miss Goody Two Shoes”, the quintessential Woman of Steele who has all the good qualities and is exploited. The vile characters of her step mother and step brothers are over the top and dramatic. Nonetheless such characters in real life is not a complete impossibility. The pace of the book is consistent. The deviations in the plots is seamlessly connected.

Despite the monotony of repeated ‘Damsels in Distress’ in all her books, author has managed to engage the readers with her narrative.


Engaging Chick Lit

Scenario:   3/5
Narration    :  4/5
Character   :   3/5
Entertainment Quotient: 3.5/5

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