The Watchmaker and Time by Devang Kanavia- Review

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Name          – The Watchmaker and Time
 Author                 – Devang Kanavia
 Publisher              – Embassy Book Distributors
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The Watchmaker and Time by Devang Kanavia- Review

Time and tide wait for none. Time is never constant. Time is something around which most of the philosophies are knitted. 

Devang Kanavia, through his book, Watchmaker and time, tells the journey of the famous watchmaker Pedro, in search of the truth behind the enigma of time. Pedro makes unique and famous watches. But till his granddaughter dumped him with a barrage of innocent yet philosophical questions, Pedro is flabbergasted to know that he had no idea about what exactly the time is and where it started. Pedro’s quest for the answers leads to the rest of the book. 

The characters are crafted with a lot of authenticity. Pedro’s granddaughter’s inquisitiveness is just like how kids in general ask unending questions.

The book is short yet deep. The quest for truth is depicted simply yet deeply so that laymen could relate to it. Towards the second half, the pace of the book shoots and drops a bit towards the climax. A book on philosophy is generally a tough one to fathom but this one is simple. The language is easily comprehensive and targets the youth as well. 

The plot in general, is a thought-provoking one, an easy one at that. 


Simple yet deep

Scenario:   4 /5
Narration: 4/5
Character:   4/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4/5

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