Kaalkoot by S.Venkatesh- Review

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Book Name          – Kaalkoot
 Author                 – S. Venkatesh
Publisher.      . – TreeShade Books
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A fatal poison that was mentioned in India Mfrtfythology plays an important role in India’s Freedom Struggle. The same becomes a part of a gruesome plot to decimate human beings.

The plot has several subplots.  Sam sets out to find his unprofessed lover who is entangled in a dark secret that has been under wraps for over a century. In another part of the world, Damini is heading the investigation about a demo that is supposed to happen in Goa. When their paths intersperse horrendous secrets are unearthed. 

The book is brimful of suspense. Right from the beginning, the book keeps on triggering intrigue in the readers. The book is an in-and-out cliffhanger that has more suspense than any contemporary book. The author has tried to connect the mythology with current affairs but the connection failed to establish with conviction. Nonetheless, the author has accomplished the prime purpose of the book, which is entertainment.

The book’s pace is quite fast and each instance happens immediately after the other that the readers get to hang on to their book till it is finished. However, the pace drops drastically once Sam is on the run. After a few pages, it becomes monotonous and gains momentum back once Sam meets Damini.

Overall, if you are looking for nail-biting suspense with action, you will be excited to get hold of this book. 


Narration:   4/5
Characters: 4/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4.5/5

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