A Nuclear Matricide by Rajesh Talwar- Review

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Book Name          – A Nuclear Matricide
 Author                 – Rajesh Talwar
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A Nuclear Matricide by Rajesh Talwar- Review

To review a play is quite a different experience. To write one is even more difficult. Rajesh Talwar has presented a well executable ready to perform a play to the readers.

The play opens with a discussion between God and St.Peter. A different portrayal of God as someone with human emotions is interesting. The humor surrounding him is interesting. I had the potential to grab the audience’s attention at the beginning itself. The author has touched on several geopolitical relations and harmlessly presented them. 

The scenes and minute idiosyncrasies are depicted in a detailed fashion. The author has presented a futuristic issue towards which we have completely shown a blind eye. The play is well crafted and the director will have an easy job. 

Narration:   4.5/5
Characters: 4/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4/5

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