“Do not hesitate to contact me in case you need anyone to listen to you” says Devika Das

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Hi my Outsetians

It’s been a while since we had an author with us. Tofay we have a wonderful personality who aspires to help others dealing with their issues. Please welcome Devika Das the author of The Mind Gameu
You have chosen a very tough topic to deal with considering the number of self help books available in the market. Did you find it challenging? 

I chose to write about this topic as there was too much being said about daily in the newspapers, journals, and editorials about how stress and depression is killing the youth of India.

Tell us about your background 

I hail from a defence background. My mother tongue is Bengali. I am working for an IT company in Hyderabad presently. Along with my regular job and writing I am also a professional Theatre Artiste for over 15 years now.

Youave written about emotional empaths and vampires but it was brief. Do you think you could have elaborated it more?

You keep travelling a lot. In between third tight schedule, how could you manage to write the book
Traveling inspires me to write more. A new place gives me the motivation to think from a different perspective than normal and write. Many of my poems are written while travelling in train or flight 😊

Wow! That’s amazing. So, how was the writing experience? Was it stressful or liberating?

Writing The Mind Game was a mixed experience. Since I was sharing some of the tips that I learned from my own experiences, recalling those moments I felt a bit low but I bounced back and got into the writing mode in few hours.
Do you think that promoting a book is important from the author’s end?

I think book promotion is an author’s responsibility because you know about what the readers will get from your book. Assistance from the publisher in book promotion is like icing on the cake 😊

How was your publishing experience?
Blue Rose Publishers have been wonderful in supporting my journey as an author. I did not try traditional publishing because I did not like the idea of waiting for 3-6 months to get my work published.
Do you have any advice for the aspiring authors?
Write from your heart. Sales is important but second priority. First priority is to connect with readers. The book’s content is what will help you gain recognition. You can engage in marketing activities through sponsorships but the real gift is when you are known by your book.

How can the readers reach you?
Thank you so much for your time

I would like readers to know that after The Mind Game has released, I have helped people find the right direction in their life. I was also selected as a HUMAN BOOK at one of the events conducted by The Human Library, Hyderabad. So do not hesitate to contact me in case you need someone to listen to you. 
That was Devika Das for you. If you want to read my review of The Mind Game, and if you would like to buy the book, the links are given below.

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