Seduction by Truth by Mukul Kumar- Review

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Name          – Seduction by Truth
 Author                 – Mukul Kumar
 Publisher              – Bloomsbury
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A story about adultery or a man’s foray into adultery. The book Seduction by Truth could be explained in simple terms. The title itself suggests seducing someone and hence forces the readers to think that some erotic content is coming up. Surprisingly and comfortingly the book doesn’t have unwanted graphic love-making sequences and hence makes it a quality book. The author has proved that it is not mandatory to squeeze in love-making sequences to make a book an interesting read and the fact that he proves this in a book that is based on adultery makes it an anxiety-inducing fact. The book could not be tagged as a book on adultery, even though the basic story is about a man exploring different women.

The plot revolves around Shiva who is continuing in an unhappy unsatisfied marital bond. On discovering that his wife Akriti is having an affair, Shiva decides to have one himself. It starts off as an act of revenge towards his wife as well as an attempt to prove that he can charm women. But later he gets involved in relationships. How he handles the tug of war inside his heart makes the rest of the plot.

Like the first book, Mukul Kumar left a lot of philosophical discussions for the readers to think about. His take on Gandhiji, Sree Krishna, Rama, and Jesus Christ is one of the most unique interpretations of mythological and real-life Gods. Once Shiva sets out for his official trip readers get to have a short international trip with the history of the places they visit.

The book is indeed a deep read and hence could not be approached lightly. The morality mongers might not digest the plot but the unique presentation defies all chances of protesting the book. The characters are all complete except Shiva’s son Ankur. He is there all along but doesn’t come out as a real character. At some point, the monotony of reading similar subplots sets in but the author manages to bring it back on track.


An intellectual take on extramarital relationships with a spice of philosophy and without graphic sequences.

Scenario:   4 /5
Narration    :   4/5
Character   : 4 /5
Entertainment Quotient: /5

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