I Wish I Had Not Married My Love by Ashish Roy- Review

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Name          – I Wish  Had Not Married My Love
 Author                 – Ashish Roy
 Publisher              – Maple Press
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Trust is the base of any relationship. Friendship or love, if that trust is not there, the relation is baseless. Ashish Roy has come up with a touching tale of Mohith who sets out to find out the truth behind the death of his friend Madhav.

Madhav, his wife Araksha and Mohith were collegemates. Araksha and Madhav gets married to each other and finally start working in the same company. Madhav is accused of sexual harassment by his colleague and Arakasha who is in the investigation team created within the office finds him guilty, after which, he commits suicide. Mohith could not believe that his friend would molest a woman, much less suicide. What happens further is the suspense.

The book is a novella that portrays the bond of friendship between Mohith and Madhav. The plot takes off with Madhav’s death. Nonetheless the character is live throughout the plot. The narration is simple and suits first time readers but the lack of proper editing doesn’t qualify it. The suspense factor is done with conviction and the intermittent switch from the present to the past is done seamlessly. The campus life of the friends are fun filled and makes for a good read. However, the climax was predictable.


Simple and straight plot

Scenario:   4 /5
Narration    :   3/5
Character   :   3/5
Entertainment Quotient: 3/5

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