Romantic encounters of a Sex worker by Nalini Jameela

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Romantic encounters of a Sex worker by Nalini Jameela

Name          – Romantic encounters of a sex worker
 Author                 – Nalini Jameela
 Publisher              – Om Books
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Romantic encounters of a sex worker- The name indicates the possibility of erotica. If you approach the book as literary porn, you will be surely disappointed since the book doesn’t have even a little indulgence in the details of the sexual experience of the author. The book, as the name literally terms, is an account of pure romance.

Nalini Jameela has been a sex worker since a time when the term sex worker was not even coined. After the explosive autobiography, the author has come up with her new book, which is a collection of stories about her romantic encounters with her clients. Each story is so realistic, of course since it is a real-life story. The author has depicted the relationships without any polishing except for the fact that she has skipped the graphic details. Despite the feministic inclination author has presented her lovers in a high position and simultaneously stated the negatives.

The introduction part of the book states that the majority of the men are misogynistic. The generalisation is in fact misandric and hence arouses the feeling of a set of anti-male stories. But indeed the stories paint the lovers in high position eventhough many of them have been selfish and used her. There is a thin layer of self-edification prevalent throughout the narration. The stories are more mmore anecdoteses these encounters as the author has not indulged much in the romance. It is more of an extended autobiography.


A realistic love story of a sex worker without erotica 

Scenario:   3.5 /5

Narration    :  3 /5
Character   :  3 /5
Entertainment Quotient: 3.5/5

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