Hasratein By Mehr

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Name          – Hasratein
 Author                 – Mehr
 Publisher              – Notion Press
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A collection of poems that are sure to touch the strings of your heart. Mehr has laid bare his deepest emotions through the book. It is unable to generalise the book since author has touched various topics. From an unfulfilled romance, to communal fanaticism. From evening walk to acknowledging a mother, author has opened numerous possibilities for the readers to relate with.

Author starts off his musings with the Poem ‘Battees Vikas Nagar’ through which he talks about the changing scenarios. Further, the poems like Bagawati Karle Tu, Farz Karo, Kabristan, Sunsaan Diwali etc talk volumes about the pain in poet’s heart to see how we are distinguished and bifurcated in  the name of religion. Another dominant feeling that is evident throughout the book is the pain of betrayal. Poems like Wafaa ka mol, Kashish, Ek Tareekh,Bheed ke musafir, Sazish, Jhootha Sach, Haqeeqat, Ek Intezaar etc tells us about relationships, be it friendship or love. Another theme that deserves mention is family. Ghar ki neev, Ek Soch, Maa etc will surely open our eyes. We can also see some philosophical foray through the poems Akhiri Baazi, Chaubeez Ghante, Zindgi tu azeez hai,Shaayad etc.

Overall the poems stay with us for days after we finish reading them. If we try reading it second or third time, we will get new meanings for them. It is indeed  feel good book written with a lot of sincerity. 
On a personal note, Ilteza waqt se is my favorite poem. 2018 has been a good reading year for me. First, The Last Attractor of Chaos; Then,  Blue Moon Day and now Hazratein. The third book to get a five star this year.

I loved it

Scenario:   5/5
Narration    :   5/5
Entertainment Quotient: 5/5

This review is in return of a free book from the author.

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