The Last Seychelles Flame by Medha Nagur -Review

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Name          – The Last Seychelles Flame 
 Author                 – Medha Nagur  
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Dreams are that which empower you to attain everything that seems impossible. If dreams give you wings, love gives feathers to the wings.

Adrija is an ambitious and extremely talented girl whose dream is to become a photographer.  With an unconventional outlook she manages to grab a dream job in Mumbai. Her decision to go to Mumbai doesn’t go down well with her parents who decide to ostracise her. Being neglected by her family from childhood, and dumped mercilessly by her four years boyfriend, she decides to take a plunge and follow her passion. Being almost penniless, she is apprehensive about how she should survive. Before she could make up her mind, she gets an opportunity to assist an international fashion photographer for a photoshoot in Seychelles, where she meets Omkar. Thenceforth the readers could see a bitter-sweet relation.

The book has all the flavours of a quintessential Mills n boons romance. A struggling female protagonist and a filthy rich male protagonist has become a cliché but author has balanced up with the looks where Omkar is not the typical macho hero and Adrija is not the Greek Goddess types. Adrija’s emotional overture was well crafted but her character seemed to be too much of self-sympathising in the beginning. Towards the later chapters, she emerges as an independent and strong girl who shows immense self-respect , courage and presence of mind. Apart from Adrija and Omkar, none of the other characters are given much place. 

How Adrija emerges like a phoenix is inspiring to read. The exemplary narration is the USP of the book. It makes an otherwise predictable book interesting read. If adapted into a print version, the book has the potential to hook the romance loving readers.


Easy read with good narration

Scenario:   3/5
Narration    : 4  /5
Character   :   3/5
Entertainment Quotient:3.5 /5

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