“Writing wasn’t a one day thing”, Abhinav Singh gets candid.

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To interview an author whose book impresses you is any blogger’s desire. Abhinav Singh is one such author and I feel privileged to host him in Outset. Please meet Abhinav Singh, the author of The Last Attractor of Chaos.

Let’s start with a brief intro about the physicist Abhinav and writer Abhinav.

I am not a physicist. I mean, I don’t have any published research of my own, I just love teaching Physics. Over the years the field has been tough on me. It became more about marketing skills and student feedback than the knowledge of the subject. I have tried to keep up with it and become exceedingly better at it but it dawned on me that this field won’t let me survive with age. 
It was about three years back that I was introduced to Robert Kiyosaki’s books by Amway guys. I didn’t have a knack for Amway business but I loved the book and the word ‘asset’ got fixed into my head like crazy. 
So starting this book was purely a financial decision to start with, like people buying real estate. It may not sound very poetic but the basest things in life, like survival, can turn out to be a strong driving force. 

When did you decide to sit down and write something?

It wasn’t a one-day thing. I wrote a chapter ( it’s not even in the book) and asked a few people to review it. They were mostly relatives with some reading experience, worse than my own. I knew it was not enough, so I decided to buy every book on writing that I could get my hands on. The one that I liked the most was ‘Stein on Writing by Sol Stein. 
The next step was to find a mentor. Somebody gave me the contact of Frank Kirshner. He is an ex-Times Of India editor and a social activist. He was reluctant initially and wanted to get rid of me in the first place but finally saw the ray of light in my initial work. 
The last step was the most difficult. Learning to write dialogues. 
A few people noticed that this is a dialogue-oriented book as opposed to a narrative-oriented one, and help came from a very unexpected source- the master of dialogues- Quentin Tarantino!
I watched almost all his movies like Kill Bill, Inglorious Bastards, Hateful eight, and five more, all in a single day! 

 And then I decided to sit down and write a novel.

Which is your favorite genre?

I never went by genre to read books. I am more interested in the knowledge I can gain. So I have read books in almost every genre. Psychology, Crime, History, Self-help, marketing, and more,  excluding sports biography or autobiographies.  
How do you manage time to write the book?
I borrowed the hours from my family time and this puts me a feeling of guilt, whenever I think about it. Gladly my wife has been very supportive. 

Do subatomic particles possess the powers mentioned in the book?

Yes, they do! A lot of common sense breaks down at subatomic scales like cause and effect, the essence of time, and wave-particle duality. The only problem is about harnessing their powers. 

Are you planning another book?

Two actually. One of them is the sequel to this book. 

How was your publishing experience?

It was a smooth one actually. The NP guys were very supportive and professional. As for traditional publishing, I  never went for it. Fear of wasting time haunts me more than the fear of rejection. 

How can the readers reach you?

Readers can reach me through my  WebsiteFacebook page and e-mail

Abhinav Singh for you. The author of the Last Attractor of Chaos. In case you missed my review of the book please check here . Last Attractor of by Abhinav Singh- Review 
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