Stepping Stones by Lubhna Dongre- Review

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Name          – Stepping Stones
 Author                 – Lubhna Dongre
 Publisher              – Notion Press
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It is heartwarming to see young talents being nurtured on the right path. Lubna is a highly talented girl who is channeled on the right path.

For a fourteen-year-old girl to write a book like this is unbelievable. The book is a self-help book with everything covered. Being a teenager herself, it would be easy for her to recognize teenager issues but finding the right solution with the right choices is practically impossible for even the ones with years of worldly experience. The book is well constructed. She has addressed the issues that could be applicable to different walks of life. The part where she has written about parents would leave us wondering how she could fathom a parent’s side.
Lubna is obviously a well-read girl. Each line of the book speaks highly of how she is influenced by the books she has read. However, theoretical knowledge has influenced practical knowledge or it seems so in some parts of the book. But this doesn’t take away the fact that this girl is unbelievably talented. The narration oozes maturity with a club of innocence. The lack of prejudice is a fine quality of the narration.

This little girl’s perseverance is what we all should learn from. The testimony from the top Indian leaders itself is the review of the book. If taken as yet another self-help book,  it is an ordinary book but if you take it as a book written by a teenager, it is excellent. The book is an ideal example of the fact that there is nothing impossible in the world.

Excellent effort by a teenager.

Scenario:   4 /5

Narration:  3.5 /5
Relevance:   4.5/5
Entertainment Quotient:4 /5

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