Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar by Kochery.C.Shibu

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Name          – Men and Dreams: In Dhauladhar
 Author                 –  Kochery.C.Shibu
 Publisher              –  Niyogi Books
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We often come across books that depict the regional lives but most of them concentrate on a single region or era only. Author Kochery.C.Shibu has put together the totally unrelated extreme poles of North and South, the Himalayas, Kashmir,Nepal and Kerala. 

Nanda is an engineer from Kerala who is delegated the Hydro Electric project in remote Himalayas. Hailing from a background of Kalari and with a backstory of revengeful murders, Nanda needs to hide from the periphery and there is no other place that is as safe as the extreme north end for someone coming from extreme south. The background of Nanda is extended to his grandparents. A life in that era is authentically and tangibly encapsulated.  From the God’s own country we are taken to the Paradise on Earth Kashmir, where Khusru adapts to a life that few would dare to live. On another side Rekha who is a classical dancer cum doctor is in search of an ideal man who will make her heart go “dha dhin dhin na”. 

The diversity of the backgrounds is the USP of the book.  The book is equally entertaining and informative. The impropituos life on the hills and the unpredictability contributes to the edginess of the overall plot. The book kicks off promisingly and does keep the entertainment graph high but towards the second half the pace drops. The characaters are crafted well but the scenario of Nanda’s marriage could have given more priority  in lieu of unwarranted violence and graphic fornication. Rekha’s  character sketch and the subsequent plot could have been worked upon considering the importance in directing the plot. Sudden switch from Miss goody shoes to a carnal hunger was patchy. 

Overall the book stands out in quality, literature and groundwork.

Scenario:   4 /5

Narration    :   4.5/5
Character   :   3.5/5
Entertainment Quotient:4 /5

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