Inglistan by Rajesh Talwar- Review

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Name          – Inglistan
 Author                 – Rajesh Talwar
 Publisher              – Kalpaz Publications
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My Review
Rating : 4.0

A book about India by an Indian in the background of European life. If one needs to define Inglistan in a one-liner, this would be it. After reading a few books about Rajesh Talwar what struck me is that the quality of a book and its sales has no connection. 

Rabi, an Indian Lawyer comes to Oxford for a six-month diploma course. During his stay in UK, he finds how far apart life in India is from the rest of the world, and still, there is an undercurrent of similarity in the thoughts of the inhabitants. 

The book is not a mere novel. It is a geo-political textbook with a fictional background. The pub rules and Mad cows, is about how variant the weekend life in India would be from Europe and how there could be discrimination in disguise in some of the rules. The author studies how politeness can be a relative term and how it varies for an Indian, American, European and other Asians. Shitting and shooting, Freedom and Family, Nations, culture and Morality, Religion, Sex, newspapers, and sports, enjoying, studying; The chapters touch almost all walks of life and compare and analyze which is better and which is not. The author has been careful about not being judgemental about anything and hence that would be the USP of the book.

Rabi’s relation with Janis is portrayed in a subtle, yet intense fashion. The author proves that deep lovemaking scenes or mollycoddling are not required to depict a romantic relation. Rabi’s attraction towards her and the insecurity in seeing her with someone and further developments in their relationship is quite realistic. The romance went with the flow as far as the crux of the book is concerned. Nonetheless, the climax seemed rushed and could have been worked on. A few grammatical glitches notwithstanding, the book is an excellent addition to the world of literature. I so wish to see an edited and proofread version of the book in the bestseller rack.

This review is in return of a free book from the author

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